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In today's digital renaissance, everything is connected, shared, and imbued with the power of modern technologies to enhance our experience and reach levels of efficiency never before imagined. It was only a matter of time before these new ideas reached the HVAC industry, and the result is something extraordinary. Sleek, inspired, and accessible, the iComfort Wifi Thermostat fully realizes the potential of our technological advances. Take your home comfort into a new age with the power of a thermostat made for the world that is, not the world that was.

Explore the exciting features of the iComfort Wifi Thermostat below. From a touch screen display to remote access, the icomfort provides a heating and air conditioning experience unlike any other.

Features of the iComfort Wifi Thermostat

Energy Efficient

By giving the homeowner complete control of the temperature settings in the home, the iComfort Wifi Thermostat makes maximizing energy efficiency simple and absolutely worry-free. Program your thermostat to reflect your schedule, or try the pre-programed seasonal schedules for smart energy use all year round. Watch the savings compound without sacrificing total home comfort.

Touch Screen Operation

All the confusion and frustration of your old thermostat has been replaced by a clear, easy-to-navigate touch screen display. With the flick of a finger, the one-touch Away Mode switches your settings to conserve energy while you are out of the house. Total comfort and energy efficiency is literally at your fingertips.

Remote System Access

Tired of wasting money heating and air conditioning an unoccupied home? With the iComfort Wifi Thermostat, forgetting to adjust the settings when you are away is never a problem! Connect to the Cloud to raise and lower the temperature in your home from your tablet, smartphone, or laptop, and save money while remaining in complete control of your home comfort.

Service Alerts & Reminders

Scheduling maintenance, changing filters, and diagnosing malfunctions are either at the bottom of your already overwhelmed to-do list or beyond your expertise. Luckily, with the iComfort Wifi Thermostat, any homeowner can care for their heating and cooling system like a pro! On-screen and emailed reminders alert you to the need for maintenance, and even display our contact information with the option to email us directly when there is a problem.

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Embrace the Future of Heating & Cooling

The Lennox iComfort Wifi Thermostat from Four Seasons addresses every area previously neglected in programmable thermostat technology. Its on-screen five day forecast allows you to prepare for the fluctuating Chicago climate while the customizable skins turn what was once a clunky wall appliance into a seamlessly integrated feature in your home decor. Contact Four Seasons to rethink your home comfort control.

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