NICOR Gas Rebate Form

Attention Customers: If you have recently purchased a new furnace or complete system (Furnance & Air Conditioning) and are looking to apply for the Nicor Rebate, you should print out the following .pdf file which explains how to fill out the Nicor rebate application.

Click to print Rebate Instructions form

Click to print Home Energy Efficiency Rebate Program Application

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Gas + Utility Company Rebates

All Peoples Gas, North Shore Gas and Nicor customers can take advantage of rebates on high-efficiency Furnaces. For a limited time, these rebates can be combined with rebates offered by ComEd towards the purchase of a complete furnace and air conditioning system.

Select high efficiency furnaces and air conditioners carry significant rebates up to
$400 on each unit. In total you can get up to $750 in rebates when you purchase a furnace and air conditioner. Even if you choose to only purchase a furnace you can get rebates of up to $400.