Healthy Climate® Whole Home Power Humidifiers

Powerful Humidification For Improved Comfort and Air Quality


When Four Seasons installs one of these powerful whole -home humidification systems in your HVAC system, you will experience enhanced comfort and balanced humidity control throughout the home. By using its own fan to circulate moisture, this humidifier can keep humidity levels stable even when the heating system is not in operation.

  • Maximizing Comfort: Humidifiers put back the moisture that is stolen by the heating system.
  • Healthier Home: Minimize the occurrence of respiratory infections and sore throats that are associated with dry indoor air.
  • Independent Circulating Fan: Keep humidity levels constant with this humidifier's own circulating fan.
  • Wood Protection: Protect your beautiful hardwood floors and furniture from becoming brittle and cracked!
  • Low Maintenance: Four Seasons can replace the filter in your humidifier once a year at the same time we do your furnace cleaning. Other than that, the unit is virtually maintenance free!

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The Healthy Climate Power Humidifier at a Glance:

Home Comfort
  • Enhanced Comfort: The furnace dries out the air in the home, and dry air feels colder than air that is properly moist. A humidifier from Four Seasons can enhance the comfort in your home by adding back the moisture that your furnace eliminates.
  • Independent Circulating Fan: In order to maintain more consistent humidity levels in the home, this whole house humidifier comes equipped with its own circulating fan to distribute moisture between cycles of the furnace.
  • Automatic Control Option: The temperature changes outside dictate the amount of humidity you will need inside. By using the automatic control option, your new humidifier can independently adjust humidity levels to match the demands of the weather outdoors. This gives you more precise control of the comfort in your home.
  • Eliminate Static Electricity: When your clothes stick uncomfortably to your skin and you shock everything you touch, you have a problem with static electricity in your home. Humidifiers eliminate these discomforts by adding just the right amount of moisture to the air.

  • Whole House Design: Portable humidifiers are high-maintenance systems that offer limited humidity coverage within the home. A whole house system from Four Seasons will be seamlessly installed into the existing HVAC system and will provide low-maintenance humidification all over the home.
  • Energy Efficiency: Dry air cannot efficiently absorb heat that is generated by the furnace. Moist air can. Therefore you will need to set the temperature higher in order to attain the same level of comfort that you could get at a lower temperature with a humidifier in the home.
  • EquaFlo™ Technology: In order to ensure proper distribution of moisture in the air, Lennox developed EquaFlo™ technology to make sure that the exact amount of moisture needed is released into circulation.
  • 18 Gallon Capacity Per Day: Unlike portable units that must be repetitively refilled, your whole house humidifier from Four Seasons will hook right into your home's water supply, and with its 18 gallon capacity, you can rest assured that your humidifier has enough water to maintain the humidity levels in your home.

  • Eliminate Dry Air Problems: Respiratory infections, dry irritated skin, and sore throats are the most common health issues affected by excessively dry indoor air. A whole house humidification system from Four Seasons can put that moisture back into the air and reduce these problems to improve your family's health.

Home Preservation
  • Wood Preservation: Hardwood floors, furniture, picture frames, and basically anything else made of wood in your home could suffer from excessively dry or excessively moist air. Dry air causes cracking and damp air causes warping, but perfectly humid air can preserve the wood in your home.

Recognitions & Certifications:

Good Housekeepint Healthy Climate No Ozone

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