XC25 Air Conditioner

The Most Precise and Efficient Air Conditioner You Can Buy

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In an industry where some are satisfied to simply slap a new name on an old system, Lennox has once again pioneered the future of HVAC technology. The XC25 is an air conditioner designed for precision, designed for efficiency, designed to not only cool, but to create an atmosphere of unblemished satisfaction. Settle into a home enriched like you've never known with the XC25 and experience the new standard by which all else will be judged.

  • Energy Efficiency: What use is power if the cost cannot compete? The XC25 is both endowed with superior cooling output as well as the unmatched efficiency of a 25 SEER rating.
  • Quiet Operation: Strong and lean, the XC25 also utilizes SilentComfort Technology and other specs to remain at a nearly undetectable volume.
  • Total Home Comfort: Taking full advantage of the industry-changing PreciseComfort Technology, the XC25 makes constant small adjustments to its output resulting in the most precise consistent comfort of any AC. Precision is no longer just a word.
  • Proven Performance: Through and through, the XC25 upholds the high standards of Lennox construction. Built to last using the highest quality materials, this unit truly is the full package of form and function.

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The Lennox XC25 Air Conditioner at a Glance:

Energy Efficiency
  • 25 SEER Rating: A scale to measure the efficiency of the system, the XC25 proudly achieves the industry-high rating of 25 SEER!
  • Variable Capacity Operation: Where other units lack the sophistication to maintain a precise temperature in the home. The XC25 is always tweaking its output levels to ensure your comfort is achieved moment by moment within 0.5 degrees of your desired temperature.
  • SunSource® Solar-Ready: The future has arrived. By syncing the XC25 with roof installed solar panels you can offset the already minimal energy consumption of the unit with the power of the sun.
  • icomfort™-Enabled Technology: Teamed up with the most stunning thermostat on the market, the XC25 becomes an integral part of the Lennox Ultimate Comfort System.
  • ENERGY STAR Qualified: From the instant the XC25 hit the stage, it already received awards and commendations including distinction as the "Most Efficient of ENERGY STAR in 2013!"

Quiet Operation
  • SilentComfort Technology: Delivering sound that is up to 50% quieter than a standard air conditioner and reaching sound levels as low as 59 dB, Lennox has developed a new system that outperforms the ordinary.
  • Precision-Balanced, Direct Drive Fan: This patent pending fan design provides superior airflow with a significant reduction in noise output.
  • SilentComfort™ Fan Grille: Muffling the sound of air leaving the air conditioner, the fan grille contributes to a nearly silent operation.
  • Insulated Compressor Cabinet: The final piece of the sound dampening accoutrements minimizes operating sounds with innovative materials.

Home Comfort
  • Precise Comfort Technology: Achieve the utmost control of your cooling system with adjustments to fan speed, heat, and airflow in increments as granular as 1%.
  • Climate IQ Technology: The XC25 actually senses your geographic location and compensates output for factors that would normally be overlooked by more mundane systems yielding supreme comfort and humidity control.
  • Variable-Speed Inverter Controlled Motor: A superior motor distributes a steady constant stream of air for better control of your environment.

Air Conditioner Performance
  • Chlorine-free R-410a Refrigerant: Using only environmentally responsible refrigerant, the XC25 does its part to provide comfort without the cost.
  • SilentComfort™ Outdoor Fan Motor with Composite Fan Blades: Rain or shine, the durable motor and blades will perform in even the most severe weather conditions.
  • PermaGuard Cabinet: Galvanized steel construction, the louver coil guard, baked-on powder finish and a durable zinc-coated steel base guarantee rust and corrosion protection for years to come.
  • SmartHinge Louver Design: Your HVAC techs will love you. The SmartHinge allows easy access for cleaning and maintenance. Additionally, the hinge provides a clean appearance and protects the coils from damage.
  • Industry Leading Warranty Coverage: Couple the incredible construction of this cooling system with the best warranties in the industry, and you receive the peace of mind that can only come from a Lennox product in the hands of Four Seasons.

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Recognitions & Certifications:

EnergyStar AHRI Certified CInertekHRAI Canada

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