XC21 Air Conditioner

The Most Quiet and Efficient Central Air Conditioner You Can Buy

Dave Lennox Signature® Collection

Quiet operation and top of the line energy efficiency make this system a good choice for anyone that is looking to get the best of the best from their new air conditioner. This whisper quiet air conditioner is the ultimate solution to an old noisy air conditioner that just can't seem to keep up. This unit will transform the way your home handles the heat of summer and deliver unmatched comfort and reliability while saving you hundreds of dollars every single year. It doesn't get much better than that!

  • Energy Efficiency: Put hundreds of dollars back in your pocket every month with this 21 SEER air conditioner!
  • SunSource® Solar-Ready: Turn your XC21 into a solar powered air conditioner and have your home generate the electricity that is used to power your unit!
  • Most Efficient ENERGY STAR qualified
  • Two-Stage Cooling: This feature prevents energy waste and creates a consistent level of comfort in the home on even the hottest summer days!
  • SilentComfort™ Technology: This Lennox exclusive technology allows the XC21 to achieve a sound level rating of 69dB which is about 13 times quieter than average air conditioners.
  • SilentComfort™ Outdoor Fan Motor with Composite Fan Blades: Beat the heat with this technology that allows your air conditioner to operate dependably whenever there is a demand for cooling in the home.

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The Lennox XC21 Air Conditioner at a Glance:

Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest costs we take on every summer is the cost of cooling our homes. We try to make it by with only fans and cold beverages, but wouldn't it be nice to not compromise comfort for savings? The XC21 will make it possible to keep the cost of cooling your home at an absolute minimum.

  • 21 SEER: This high SEER rating makes this air conditioner the most efficient central air conditioner that you can purchase for your home. You will watch your investment pay you back month after month in the form of lower, more affordable energy bills!
  • SunSource® Solar-Ready: Solar panels are the wave of the future and Lennox is helping lead the way. By placing these panels on your roof you can put the sun to work creating electricity for your air conditioner, and depending on the number of panels you have installed, you could virtually eliminate the cost of cooling your home!
  • icomfort™-Enabled Technology: This simple to use thermostat makes adjusting and managing the temperature in your home intuitive and even a little fun! Touch technology allows you to maximize the efficiency of your air conditioner through customized programming and temperature control.
  • ENERGY STAR Qualified: The XC21 doesn't settle for the standard requirements set up by the EPA and that is why it was chosen as one of the Most Efficient ENERGY STAR qualified products in 2014!
  • High Efficiency Coil: By decreasing air resistance and making it easier for the system to transfer heat, this high efficiency coil keeps comfort levels high and cooling costs low!
  • Potential Savings: Four Seasons has made it our mission to save you money on your heating and cooling costs. We work tirelessly during each and every sale to find you the most discounts, rebates, and savings possible for your installation.

Quiet Operation

Do you find yourself plugging your ears or screaming over the air conditioner when enjoying a hot summer day outside your home? If so, your current air conditioner has an issue with noise control and the XC21 can solve your problem! This air conditioner is able to reduce noise down to levels that a standard air conditioner couldn't dream of achieving!

  • Sound Levels: Cooling should be felt and not heard! The XC21 is able to do this by achieving sound levels as low as 69dB! If you don't know what this sounds like, stand next to your standard air conditioner on a hot summer day and picture the unit 13 times quieter than it currently is. This is what the XC 21 can do. Stop trying to ignore the noise and bring peace and quiet to your backyard with the XC21!
  • SilentComfort™ Technology: Dependable cooling and low volume operation are possible because of the many inventive tools employed by SilentComfort™ technology.
  • SilentComfort™ Fan Grille: This grille produces vortex suppression in order to muffle the sound of air leaving the air conditioner.
  • Perfectly Balanced Direct Drive Fan: Lennox took the old air conditioner fan design and threw it out the window. They instead came of up with a new innovative design that is super quiet in its operation.
  • Insulated Compressor Cabinet: This air conditioner is able to contain operating noise by lining the compressor compartment with top of the line insulating materials.

Home Comfort

Here at Four Seasons, we have felt first hand how uncomfortable a hot and humid summer day can be in the Chicagoland area. We all need to have somewhere to escape the heat and with the XC21, that place can be your home!

  • Scroll Compressor with SilentComfort™ Technology: This feature allows the air conditioner to efficiently and quietly remove heat from the air in your home leaving you with cool comfort on even the hottest of summer days.
  • Humiditrol®: The less moisture there is in the air, the easier it will be for your air conditioner to keep your home cool. Have Four Seasons install our whole house dehumidification system and enjoy a more comfortable home and enhanced indoor air quality!

Air Conditioner Performance

No air conditioner is completely breakdown-proof, but the XC21 is about as close as you can get! This air conditioner has several barriers in place to guarantee reliable performance and durable protection. With proper maintenance from your Four Seasons technician, your new air conditioner will last for years and the investment you make will pay you back in cooling savings month after month!

  • SilentComfort™ Outdoor Fan Motor with Composite Fan Blades: No matter the heat, this feature of your XC21 air conditioner keeps cool, fresh air on demand.
  • SmartHinge™ Louvered Design: This design feature allows your Four Seasons technician easy access to the system for maintenance cleanings and any other services that may need to be performed on the unit over the years. It also offer damage protection to the air conditioner's precious coils and gives the unit an over sleek appearance that you can be proud to show off!
  • Durable Steel Cabinet: Chicago is known for its harsh weather, but your XC21's durable steel cabinet can withstand the snow, sleet, and heat that define this great city.
  • Best Warranty in Chicago: Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning is a leader in the HVAC industry and we have been for over 40 years! When we warranty your unit for a significant period of time, you can rest easy knowing that we will be there to honor our promise should something go wrong! 

Energy Savings

Recognitions & Certifications:

EnergyStar AHRI Certified C Good Housekeeping Inertek Humiditrol GreenSpec Listed HRAI Canada

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