XC14 Air Conditioner

Quiet and Efficient Cooling Comfort

Elite® Series

Spend less and get more with the XC14 High Efficiency Air Conditioner from Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning. This air conditioner falls within our mid-range cost scale but still delivers money saving energy efficiency and superior quiet performance. Let Four Seasons improve your comfort inside while reducing noise outside and saving you money month after month.

  • Energy Efficiency: The SEER rating on your XC14 could make this air conditioner up to 60% more energy efficient than your old standard air conditioner!
  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified
  • Precision-Engineered Scroll Compressor: This beautiful piece of Lennox engineering is the heart and soul of your new air conditioner! It is able to efficiently extract heat from the air in your home and deliver reliable comfort on even the hottest summer days.

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The Lennox XC14 Air Conditioner at a Glance:

Energy Efficiency

Going green isn't just about doing your part to protect our planet. It is also about saving money! These days, we could all use a little extra cash in our pockets, and the XC14 could make saving money as easy as turning on the thermostat! Let Four Seasons show you how with a free in-home estimate!

  • Up to 16.20 SEER: SEER ratings are nothing to ignore! The higher the SEER rating the more money you could save over your standard air conditioner, and the XC14 could have you hundreds with its ratings of up to 16.20 SEER!
  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified: ENERGY STAR® sets the standards for energy efficiency, and when a system carries their seal, it is a sign that you are about to purchase a unit that will meet, or in the case of the XC14, exceed those standards!
  • High-Efficiency Outdoor Coil: By decreasing air resistance and making it easier for the system to transfer heat, this high efficiency coil keeps comfort levels high and cooling costs low!

Quiet Operation

The older your standard air conditioner gets, the louder it becomes. Reduce the noise coming out of your air conditioner by upgrading to the super quiet XC14 air conditioner from Four Seasons. Even on days when demand is high, this air conditioner will contain sound levels to a level on par with normal conversation heard from one meters distance. Hear the difference for yourself and upgrade today!

  • Low Sound Levels: The XC14 doesn't make you compromise in order to save money! Get high energy efficiency, excellent indoor comfort, and sound levels as low as 70dB!
  • Precision-Engineered Scroll Compressor: This compressor not only delivers cooling you can count on, but it also has a special sound-muffling system to keep operating noise at the lowest levels possible.
  • Perfectly Balanced Direct Drive Fan: Lennox took the old air conditioner fan design and threw it out the window. They instead came of up with a new innovative design that is super quiet in its operation.

Home Comfort

Make an investment in home comfort this summer and upgrade to the XC14 air conditioner from Four Seasons. We take home comfort to the next level by guiding you step by step through the use of your new air conditioner, and we are just a phone call away 24 hours a day if you ever have a question, a concern, or a need. Get control of the comfort in your home with the help of Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning.

  • Humiditrol® Compatible: The less moisture there is in the air, the easier it will be for your air conditioner to keep your home cool at an affordable price. Have Four Seasons install our whole house dehumidification system and enjoy a more comfortable home and enhanced indoor air quality!
  • Carefree Maintenance Program: Four Seasons offers a maintenance program that will keep your new air conditioner operating at its peek efficiency all summer long! Friendly appointment reminders, preferred service, and coverage for systems other than your air conditioner are just a few of the benefits you could take advantage of by covering your new air conditioner with a Carefree Maintenance Program from Four Seasons.

Air Conditioner Performance

When searching for a new air conditioner, you want a system that will outlast your old unit and give you fewer problems over the years. The XC14 is focused on advanced performance, and with proper care and a Four Seasons installation, your new air conditioner could easily outperform your old standard air conditioner.

  • SmartHinge™ Louvered Design: This design feature allows your Four Seasons technician easy access to the system for maintenance cleanings and any other services that may need to be performed on the unit over the years. It also offer damage protection to the air conditioner's precious coils and gives the unit an over sleek appearance that you can be proud to show off!
  • Drainage Holes: Moisture is your air conditioner's worst enemy! The XC14 has specially designed drainage holes to wick water away from your air conditioner's vital components and collects them in a base pan.
  • Chicago's Best Warranty Coverage: Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning offers industry leading warranties that will protect your investment for years to come. Protect your system with a company that has over 41 years of honest, reliable service. For all the right reasons, choose Four Seasons!

Energy Savings

Recognitions & Certifications:

EnergyStar UL Listed AHRI Certified C Good Housekeeping Humiditrol HRAI Canada

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