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Elite® Series

Make every dollar you spend cooling your home stretch further with the help of the XC13 air conditioner from Four Seasons. This system's high quality scroll compressor will deliver consistent comfort to your home at a fraction of the cost you pay using a standard air conditioner! The scorching sun and thick humid air of summer are no match for the efficiency, durability, and even performance of the XC13!

  • Energy Efficiency: This air conditioner's efficiency rating of up to 15.50 SEER beats the new industry standard and is far more efficient than your ancient air conditioner!
  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified
  • Reliable Scroll Compressor: This feature gives your XC13 the ability to withstand even the harshest conditions as it delivers quiet, dependable home comfort.

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The Lennox XC13 Air Conditioner at a Glance:

Energy Efficiency

When the heat is high are you afraid to turn on your air conditioner? High cooling costs don't have to be a problem in your home when you make the choice to upgrade your air conditioner to the XC13! Save money without sacrificing comfort, and fearlessly turn down the temperature this summer!

  • Up to 15.50 SEER: By making several changes to the traditional air conditioner design, this system is able to reach an energy efficiency rating of up to 15.50 SEER! This could save you big bucks!
  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified: Installation is everything! With a professional sizing and installation performed by Four Seasons, your new air conditioner will either meet or exceed the EPA's guidelines for high efficiency equipment.
  • High-Efficiency Outdoor Coil: The outdoor coil is responsible for getting all of that heat out of your home! This high efficiency feature is able to decrease air resistance so heat can easily transfer across the coil.

Quiet Operation

Four Seasons has great news! You don't have to have the loudest air conditioner on the block! Reduce sound levels outside your home with the help of the Four Seasons XC13 air conditioner.

  • Low Sound Levels: Standard air conditioners cannot compare! This air conditioner achieves sound levels as low as 74dB.
  • Carefree Maintenance Program: Four Seasons offers a maintenance program that will keep your new air conditioner operating at its peek efficiency all summer long! Friendly appointment reminders, preferred service, and coverage for systems other than your air conditioner are just a few of the benefits you could take advantage of by covering your new air conditioner with a Carefree Maintenance Program from Four Seasons.

Home Comfort

Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning is your Home Comfort Specialist. We have dedicated ourselves to delivering honest service and top of the line products that our customers can count on even in Chicago's ever changing weather. The XC13 is just one of our systems that will deliver exceptional home comfort when you need it most.

  • Reliable Scroll Compressor: Temperature fluctuations within the home can drastically disturb your family's comfort. This dependable compressor will help bring temperature and humidity levels into perfect balance and keep them at those levels consistently.
  • Humiditrol® Compatible: The less moisture there is in the air, the easier it will be for your air conditioner to keep your home cool at an affordable price. Have Four Seasons install our whole house dehumidification system and enjoy a more comfortable home and enhanced indoor air quality!

Air Conditioner Performance

Nothing is worse than dealing with an air conditioner that is constantly in need to repair! Many customers come to Four Seasons looking for a system that will last. We deliver a high quality product and then support it with our award-winning customer service.

  • Durable Steel Cabinet: If you old air conditioner an eye sore? This resilient steel cabinet does double duty by protecting your air conditioner from damage while looking great!
  • SmartHinge™ Louvered Design: This design feature allows your Four Seasons technician easy access to the system for maintenance cleanings and any other services that may need to be performed on the unit over the years. It also offer damage protection to the air conditioner's precious coils and gives the unit an over sleek appearance that you can be proud to show off!
  • Drainage Holes: Moisture is your air conditioner's worst enemy! The XC13 has specially designed drainage holes to wick water away from your air conditioner's vital components and collects them in a base pan.
  • Chicago's Best Warranty Coverage: Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning offers industry leading warranties that will protect your investment for years to come. Protect your system with a company that has over 41 years of honest, reliable service. For all the right reasons, choose Four Seasons!

Energy Savings

Recognitions & Certifications:

EnergyStar UL Listed AHRI Certified C Good Housekeeping Humiditrol HRAI Canada

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